Mr. Structural Engineer
Take advantage of the most economical (best buy) system when designing your metal deck roof system.

The Elastizell Insulating Concrete Roof System (**E.I.C.R.S.) will provide added wind and seismic resistance when used in conjunction with B Deck.

The Elastizell Insulating Concrete Roof System provides increased shear resistance values and allows the use of lighter gauge steel decking to satisfy required loads. Less than 10 pounds per square foot. Added benefits to the owner include fire resistive construction – a permanent base for the roofing membrane, and required insulation values. 2-hour UL fire ratings are available with these systems without below deck fireproofing. For comparison purposes – we have simplified the tables – please refer to ICBO reports 2078, 2757 and 3081 for completed data. **E.I.C.R.S. – consists of a minimum of 2″ of Elastizell Insulating Concrete over up to 4″ of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation.
Comparison – Shear Value (q) Verco B Deck (HSB-36) with Rigid Insulation v Elastizell Concrete Roof Insulation System (EICRS)