About Cell-Crete Corporation
Cell-Crete Corporation is the poured underlayment industry leader. Since 1965, Cell-Crete has led the way in innovation and customer satisfaction in poured or pumped lightweight cellular concrete and other underlayments. We provide our customers with the perfect product for their specific needs for both new and renovation construction projects.

Whether it is wood frame, poured in place or structural steel construction, we can make a difference in your project. Not only do we have a solid reputation of reliability and quality workmanship, but we pride ourselves on delivering the best client servicing in the business – your success, is our success.

We know it is important for you the customer to have confidence in your subcontractor’s. In today’s design build market place; we have built our reputation on reliability and on being first in our field for workmanship. We are the Western United States leader in poured cellular concrete underlayment and are licensed in the state of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and parts of Texas.

The following is a list of products we install:
  • Elastizell, Siplast, and Perlite Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Systems)
  • Elastizel EF-Engineered Fill (Geotechnical Applications)
  • Elastizell Light-Weight Concrete Floors 1200-2000+ PSI
  • Maxxon and USG Underlayment Flooring Systems 1200-6000 PSI
  • Sound Acoustic Floors (our specialty!)
  • Hardrock Concrete – 2000+ PSI for both interior floors and exterior walking decks
  • Structural Light-Weight Concrete over metal and wood decks